StyleWORD Fashion Quotes For Real Style

#StyleWORDBook is your stylist express for high-impact style snippets + fashion advice 
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StyleWORD Fashion Quotes For Real Style

In deepest appreciation for purchasing StyleWord, Fashion Quotes For Real Style, I’ve created a very special style companion to extend your style mentoring experience as my gift to you.


StyleWORD Fashion Quotes For Real Style

#StyleWordBook is the ultimate cheat sheet to upgrade your look in the shortest amount of time.

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Sharon Haver

About the author...

Sharon Haver actually teaches everyday women to look their best in a way that’s relatable.

Not many people are willing to leave the glamour for the good. Halfway through Sharon’s three decade career in style, she left the lure of being a New York fashion stylist working with top models and actresses on photo shoots to helping mainstream women, much like herself, make the most of what she’s got.  

Although her impressive resume looks like a who’s who of media and household name accounts, what matters to Sharon is helping grown-up women refine their chic + ageless style so that they can confidently pull their look together every day with ease.

Sharon believes that if you do something every day day, learn to do it right.

Like getting dressed!

If you want good quote, Sharon will serve up one realistic morsel every time.

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